eBay All Offers Page

Simplify eBay's item purchase page into a trusted experience where buyers can easily compare, make decisions

My role

While working on the Product Purchase team, my role with the All Offers page was to define and design an experience that allows customers to compare and purchase products with ease.

The use case

Customers need the ability to review and compare all product offerings of a single item. For example, when you perform a search for an "iPhone X Space Gray" the search results will be grouped/compressed into a single item that points you to a page where all of the listings for this inquiry are displayed. Customers can then sort their view and compare listings to find the best deal.

The problem

When users land on the product page that contains all of the product offerings, they are confronted with multiple buying formats that can be selected. The top half of the product page can create a small amount of confusion with customers as there is a dense amount of information to parse. There is nothing to help users quickly narrow down a shopping selection.

The second problem

Currently, when you're on a Product Page the offers for an item sit low on the page. The offers are also presented in a grid layout that makes it hard to do a quick comparison between the items. Also, the offers module looks more like related items vs offerings of a single product.

Again, there is no quick and easy way to view all product offerings and build confidence that you are picking the best item.

The solution (desktop)

The solution below addresses a few information hierarchy issues. Instead of showing a section above the main product with multiple buying options I've reserved the top of the page for the "Best Match" item. This item is what eBay has identified as the best product from many.

Directly below that is the list view for all iPhone X offers. Within this list is the ability to sort and compare items to find the best item for you quickly.

The solution (mobile)

The mobile solution is straightforward. You land on the All Offers Page from an entry point on the main product page. In this list view, you can quickly scan the page to view all of the item offers. Users can swipe each product tile to add items to a comparison view that can further help the customer find the perfect product to purchase.

Buying options comparison (design exploration)

Shoppers on eBay need the ability to select multiple items from a list and compared them against each other. I created these designs as part of a design exploration that I could present to stakeholders as a talking point for funding.