Community Manager Dashboard

The Community Manager Dashboard is an add-on for a suite of products that allow managers to monitor the health of their online community.

My role

I participated in a 2-week design sprint for planning, visual design, and designing the UX of this product. I worked with a brand designer, two project managers, the VP of Product, and a sizable engineering team to design and build this add-on product in less than six months.

This project was the first time I had a chance to work on data visualizations. There was a ton of research that went into what style of graph to use for different data points.

I got the chance to not only use a new visual design language, but I also got to explore new interaction patterns for the product. (Like empty states on page load and how the navigation bar should expand or collapse when not in use.)

User Management

This product gives admins the power to moderate the users and their activity within DNN Software's online community. I designed the user management section to give admins a way to get stats on user activity and behaviors.