Here are highlights of various product experiences I've worked on.

About Me

About Me

I'm the proud father of an incredible 4-year-old baby boy!

In the wintertime, you can find me snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, Ca. In the offseason for snow, I spend time riding my fixed gear, brakeless track bike at the local outdoor velodrome in Hellyer County Park, San Jose, California.

My journey into the design world began in the late 90s after receiving copies of Photoshop and Illustrator. During that time, I became fascinated by the rising technical developments of the web and spent most of my time reverse engineering websites to figure out how they worked.

While in school, I worked at a web hosting company that specialized in building custom e-commerce websites for small to medium-sized businesses. I transitioned from a Linux Server Administrator to a Web Designer where I worked with clients to design and integrate their project needs.

In 2010, I shifted my design focus from traditional web design to user-centered design, where I started down the Product Design path where I am today.